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What does the audit cover?

Unlock the full potential of your tracking system with a thorough tracking audit. I will examine all aspects of your tracking setup, including:

  1. Kickoff Call: Let me get a clear understanding of your technical infrastructure, current tracking challenges, and data utilization.
  2. In-Depth Tracking Audit: I will carefully evaluate your specified domains and tools to identify any tracking issues.
  3. Actionable Audit Report: Receive a comprehensive report that summarizes the results of the audit and provides a prioritized list of recommendations to improve your tracking accuracy and efficiency.


What does a tracking audit cost?

The cost of a tracking audit is customized to your specific needs and setup. Fill out the form below and let’s discuss your specific needs to provide a personalized and accurate price estimate.

Maximize the impact of your marketing efforts with a top-notch tracking system. Contact us now to schedule your tracking audit.

Tristan Hahn: Freelancer Tracking and Analytics

Hey, I am Tristan Hahn

I am Tristan, a highly experienced freelancer with expertise in tracking implementation, data analysis, and a/b testing. I have been honing my skills since 2015 and have held several lead roles in analytics departments before pursuing freelance work. Get in touch with me today! Leverage my knowledge and experience to take your analytics and tracking efforts to the next level.

What is a Tracking Audit and Why Should You Hire an Expert?

A web tracking audit is an evaluation of your website’s tracking system, including implementation and accuracy of tools. It’s crucial for businesses, especially those that rely heavily on performance marketing, because it helps to identify any errors or discrepancies in data tracking. This, in turn, helps to prevent financial losses and ensures that the company is making decisions based on accurate data.

A Tracking Audit Includes a Kick-Off Call and In-Depth Analysis
The tracking audit process begins with a kick-off call to discuss your tracking needs and objectives. An expert then performs an in-depth analysis of your tracking system, covering aspects such as event, conversion, and goal tracking. Finally, they provide a report with recommendations for improvements and optimizations.

Expertise is Key to Accurate Tracking Audits
Hiring a tracking audit expert is highly recommended because they have the expertise and experience to identify tracking issues. They familiar with techniques to analyze the data and ensure that the tracking system is working accurately. Additionally, they are well-versed in the latest tracking technologies and best practices. Because of that, they can provide recommendations to help the company utilize the best tech stack.

In conclusion, a web tracking audit is a crucial step for businesses that want to ensure that their data tracking is accurate and that their marketing efforts are generating the desired results. Hiring an expert can save time and money, and help the company make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.