How I can help you

Web Tracking Audit

Wondering if your tracking is still working? Let me perform a comprehensive end-to-end audit to identify issues and provide recommendations how you can optimize your tracking setup. Schedule your audit now."

Tracking Implementation

Ensure accurate and efficient tracking from start to finish. I will help you defining necessary events and parameters, and configure your analytics tools for optimal performance. Contact me today.

Data Analysis

Unlock the Power of Your Data: Get valuable insights from your data with my expert analysis. Let me dive deep and present findings in a meaningful and actionable way. Contact me now to translate your data into business facts.

Data Trainer

As your data trainer, let me help you to build a culture of self service analytics by showing you how to analyze and work with data.

About me

I am Tristan, a highly experienced tracking and analytics freelancer with expertise in tracking implementation, data analysis, and a/b testing. I have been honing my skills since 2015 and have held several lead roles in analytics departments before pursuing freelance work. Get in touch with me today and leverage my knowledge and experience to take your analytics and tracking efforts to the next level.